IRC Rules IRC Chat Rules

Chatting with us is simple: You just need to access the webchat on our website or alternatively download a software such as mIRC to connect to our IRC network. Of course, as any IRC network, there are some guidelines on how to use our chat.

Within the Communityworlds IRC network, it is possible to create an IRC username/account. These accounts are secured with a password. If you want a channel registered to your own, it is required to register by typing /AS REGISTER <username> <password> - we're only using accounts, nick ownership is not possible on IRC.

It is not allowed to spam around, except if you open yourself (and your friends) a channel to do so. The integrated flood protection might still affect you, so try not to push the whole Wikipedia into an IRC channels or anything alike.

It is not allowed - and might lead to a "G-Line" (server ban) if you insult other people or commit racism, spread hatred or misantrophic messages. We're all having a good sense of humor - but don't forget that there's always a limit.

It is not allowed to overtake a channel or try to do so. Community channels can be registered using ChanServ, a network service which can not be kicked from a channel and which can't be taken the operator status from. If there's a channel overtake seen by any staff, the user will be g-lined for at least 24 hours.

If you want to hide your IP address from other users, please use the IRC command /sethost Guest to access a "fake host". Remember, this isn't really 100% safe - it's always a better way to register an account and set yourself usermode +x (use /raw mode <your nickname> +x after logging in to do so). This will make all network services recognize your hidden hostname and make others unable to try attacking you by hostname or IP.

If you want to register a channel, you need to have a community with at least 3 members and a website and/or Facebook page. Private channels ( #<your nickname> ) are not to be registered with network services. If you want to, you can create yourself an IRC bot for this and request access to the "DevNull" server, which allows your bot to have a faster and less-limited access to IRC.


Have fun chatting!